Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Michael B.

Brandon has been our realtor since moving to the DFW area back in 2013. He has done it all for us. From - finding us an amazing downtown loft. To helping us find and purchase our first home. Then later selling our first home and buying our second. Brandon has a vast knowledge of the real estate market with exceptional negotiation skills. Extremely responsive as well as down to earth and easy to work with. He has a great eye for staging and is also an amazing photographer. My wife and I were blown away at the beautiful pictures he took when listing our home. He also has a long list of high quality referrals in every aspect of the buying/selling process which helped make each transaction seem less. Brandon has referred us with great inspectors, appraisers, title loan companies even handymen/painters. Can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Brandon as our realtor. If you’re in the market for buying or selling a home I highly recommend giving Brandon a call. I’m glad I did.

By: Ryan H.

I have worked with Brandon for over 10 years on several properties, and leaving him a well deserved review has been long overdue! Probably goes without saying that I've had a great experience since I keep coming back to him time and time again. He's always been very knowledgable with the market, and I always feel like a priority for him. Most importantly, he listens to me and seems to always accommodate my 'high maintenance' requests! Thanks for all your help over the years, my friend. Best, Ryan

By: Aikansh S.

Brandon helped me to find my first home in DFW. It was an awesome experience and we fully trusted him after the intial talks. This trust was so strong that we felt comfortable putting the offer from Georgia without even personally looking at the house. He was very deligent and patentilty delt with first time buyers stupid questions. Really apprecaite Brandon's support through out. Not only he got us a nice house but also got us a very good deal. House was immaculate and was in a better shape than we thought. I highly recommend Brandon for any of your real estate needs. He is not only a good agent but also a wonderful human being.

By: Catherine I.

Brandon was professional, helpful and responded quickly to our requests. Our home-buying experience went very smoothly because of all the help and advice he'd given. You can truly tell he's very experienced in his field and will always point you to the right direction. I couldn't recommend him more!

By: Stacy M.

I can’t speak highly enough about my experience with Brandon Martin! When I began searching for a new home earlier this year, I was a first time homebuyer. Throughout the process, Brandon was there every step of the way. He always answered my calls and emails no matter what time of day/night. His professionalism, mentorship, knowledge, honesty, and hard work ethic are much respected and appreciated. Brandon is extremely knowledgeable about Dallas and the surrounding areas. He goes out of his way to make sure you find exactly what your looking for—and for the right price. Thanks to Brandon, I am officially a homeowner for the first time! I highly recommend Brandon Martin if you are looking for a new home and/or trying to sell the one you have.

By: Jennifer I.

Brandon is the best realtor in the DFW area! We have used him several times to buy and sell our homes. He’s very patient and will always look out for your own good. We were able to get a really great sales price on our last home because of his negotiation skills. He’s also a bit of a handyman so he was able to help us get the house ready for the open house. Our experience has been pretty seamless and we will use him again if we are in the market for a new home in the future!

By: Justin P.

We used Brandon to sell our home and we are so glad we did! Everything from his listing photos to his marketing materials radiated professionalism! He was great at following up after showings and even showed up on moving day to see if we needed any help...I don't think many other agents do that! We appreciated his honesty and genuine care for our transaction. We would definitely use him in the future for buying or selling.

By: Angela R.

Brandon helped us first locate an apartment when we moved to Dallas. We had such a positive experience that when it came time to relocate and we were considering buying a home, we contacted him right away. His knowledge of the neighbors and understanding of our budget and priorities was spot on to help find our perfect property. Brandon was there to coordinate numerous property tours graciously accommodating our busy work schedules and personal travel. This included many phone calls, emails and tours during lunch breaks, at night and on the weekends. With us every step of the way as new homebuyers- he managed communications with the various real estate parties (realtor, mortgage and title company, etc.) and answers all of our questions (and there were a lot) or helped us find the right person with answers. He is prompt and professional and I couldn't imagine going through the home buying or apartment hunting process without him!

By: Sara S.

Brandon was wonderful to work with! Knew the area where I wanted to purchase my home very well and was always on top of things. I would definitely recommend him to his future clients

By: Priscilla T.

Brandon was great to work with! Very responsive around the clock and made sure we secured a place in record-time. He's really friendly yet professional and I'm glad we got to work with him. I highly recommend his services.

By: Tim M.

Brandon was very attentive and quick to respond. He was always looking out for the properties I was interested in and helped me find the perfect place; I highly recommend him and Martin-Sena for all of your real estate needs.

By: Preet K.

Brandon was great! I recently moved to Dallas from Seattle and he helped me find my ideal apartment. He listened to what I wanted and made sure I got it. When I was in town for the first time, he took out a lot of time to show me all the possible options in my budget and move-in time frame. He made calls to check availability and also followed up with me to make sure my search was going well. Brandon also kept me updated on prices and changes that occured while I was searching which was great. I highly recommend Brandon to anyone who is searching for a home in this area. You won't be disappointed.

By: Grant B.

Brandon went above and beyond in helping me and my girlfriend find our first apartment together. He picked us up, drove us around, listened carefully to our preferences, and presented a thoughtful, narrowly-tailored list of places. When our desired floor plan wasn't immediately available to tour, Brandon called up friends and family who lived in the complex and invited us into their homes. I can't imagine a more comprehensive and conscientious experience. I would heartily recommend him to anyone looking for a new place, from a Dallas newcomer to a seasoned Metroplex resident. Thanks so much, Brandon, for helping us find our perfect place.

By: Rayvin R.

I just relocated from San Francisco to Dallas and Brandon helped me find a new home. He was very thorough and found exactly what I was looking for in the price range I needed. He continued to follow up even after I moved in to make sure everything went smoothly. A particular property opened up at 10am and Brandon was the very first broker that Mitchell Lofts contacted and I rented it just a few hours later. These Lofts are VERY hard to come by, so if I hadn't had his help, who knows where I'd be living. I cannot stress enough, please do yourself a favor and have him help you find a home. It made my move so much less stressful, it didn't cost me a dime and I'm in love with my new apartment.

By: Amanda D.

Brandon was incredibly helpful and paved the way for me to talk to the right people in the process of finding my new home. He is connected in the Dallas community and has a very personable touch- I felt like I was talking to a friend and not a business person (thank goooodness) throughout the process. I absolutely recommend him. And if I ever move again will reach out to him first! Thank you Brandon!

By: Edwin R.

Brandon is a great locator. When I was looking for a new place in the city I came across his name along with a number of other locators on Craigs list actually. The other locators basically didn't give me the time of day Brandon, however, took my ridiculous list of must haves and showed me around to at least 10 different places. I finally found a great apartment at a killer price that was just what I was looking for. Since then Brandon has found apartments for 2 friends of mine as well as my parents when they were looking for a vacation property here in Dallas! I highly recommend him. 2 thumbs ALL THE WAY UP!

By: Macey T.

Brandon was so very helpful!! I just graduated college and had to move from Lubbock to Dallas and lease sight unseen. I only had like 2 or 3 weeks to find a place and I wanted downtown Dallas. He immediately found me very good move-in deals and if the apartment I chose wasn't responding or I needed help, he did not hesitate to call and get an answer. Also, when apartment didn't put the move-in deals on the welcome letter, he made sure to immediately contact them and let them know it is what they promised. I love the place he found. The apartment staff is new and he was here even before I arrived on move-in day. When we saw the apartment for the first time, he insisted certain things be cleaned and taken care of. Overall, he was great and I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to relocate in Dallas!!

By: Alex K.

Brandon Martin is a man of many talents. Finding you the best places to live consistently is definitely one of them. I've signed many leases with Brandon's help over the years and they have always worked out for me and have been a great experience. I highly recommend Brandon to anyone looking for a place. He is a real estate wizard with his ear to the ground, helping find you the best deals and places sometimes even before they hit the market.

By: Gabriela M.

Brandon was of great assistance to me in relocating to Dallas. I was very pleased with the service he provided me. I would recommend his services to anyone that is relocating to Dallas/Ft. Worth area or is just simply looking for a new home. We maintained a proactive communication and he made sure that I received the best deal for the apartment that I wanted. I had a positive experience using Brandon's service! He helped me move in to my new home, which was more than I would have expected!

By: Bethany M.

Brandon was great! He provided necessary insight to the area and helped me locate exactly what I was looking for in the price range I was needing. I never felt pressured to go beyond my budget. The process was easy and he was always very quick to respond to emails and questions. He took into consideration my needs and listened.

By: Marshall P.

My fiancée and I were merging our homes, and Brandon was the best. Not only in helping us to not only find the right amount of space but in finding a location that fits in our lifestyle. THANKS AGAIN BRANDON!!!

By: Kelsey K.

In my search for an industrial loft in downtown Dallas, I had several apartment search companies send me emails full of listings, very few of which actually met any of the criteria I specified. Brandon stood out from the rest immediately! He took the time to actually listen to what I wanted in my new place, he narrowed my search tremendously to only the places that fit exactly what I was looking for in features as well as budget and move-in time frame, and he actually did all the communication with his contacts at each place to get current pricing/availability and schedule visits for me! When I found the perfect loft, he even worked with me all the way through the process to ensure I understood all the details in the process and has continued contact to make sure it has been completely smooth all the way until I am moved in! He has been so amazing, has been so responsive (phone/text/email), and he really has gone above and beyond any of the several apartment search agents/brokers I have worked with throughout the years in DFW! I am highly recommending him to everyone I know and anyone out there looking for the best man for the job!